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A Bit of Soccer

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                 Are you familiar in the sports namely “Soccer” or more commonly referred as “Football” outside the United States? Well, for sure your answer is a big yes! It has been one of the most popular and crowd-pleasing sports in the world. Even if we go back many centuries ago, Soccer is played by students, children and professionals. Popular, amateur clubs and weekend warriors adjoin to the passion that accelerate every four years for the utmost watched sporting event in the world which is the World Cup.

                The game of soccer is built around the chase of scoring goals. It is composed of two teams that move the ball up and down the field in an effort to kick it within the goal, a configuration that is measured eight feet height and twenty four in width at the professional or amateur level. The goalkeeper which is the player guarding the goal, is the only player or a team generally allowed to touch the ball with his hands. But during the throw in, the players are require to use their feet, knees, head and chest to advance and control the ball. The game is played in 2 forty – five minutes halves.

                 Each team are consist with eleven players including the goalkeeper. The field measures between one hundred and one hundred thirty yards in length and fifty and one hundred yards in width. The players should keep the ball in play on this rectangular field. Well, there are a lot of techniques and strategies to use in playing soccer. Here is a bit of it: First is a corner kick, this happens when the ball crosses the line. The player from the offensive team kicks it from there aiming it in front of the goal hoping that one of his team mates can make it into the goal for a score. Second is free kicks occurs when a foul is committed. This happen when a player pushed, tripped or violated an opponent inside the penalty area. Also, fouls and penalties performed by one team can lead to penalty kicks for the opposing team.

                What is great about soccer is that it is also a form of a casual game that can be played on almost vacant area and with only minimal equipment like for example a ball and items to mark the positions of two sets of goal posts. So this is one if the reasons why many of us has been addicted in playing or even watching soccer! It is very casual, enjoying to play and to watch with your friends, family, relatives, and fellow fans in different parts of the world.

                 Watching live soccer on television, online or live streaming has been a bonding for soccer fanatic. Supporting their favorite teams, their idols and even betting whose team will win has been a hobbies of fans in different parts of the world. Almost millions of people constantly go to football stadiums to follow and support their favorite teams. There are also billions of people that watch the football games on television or the internet through live stream which is a big help since sometimes it is not live on television. Soccer inspires great passions and plays a significant role in every individual lives of fans, local communities and important nations in different parts of the world.

                 So even if you are a first timer who wants to learn or play soccer, soccer addict, soccer fanatic or a soccer player you would definitely love this game as much as the world embrace this popular sports. I hope after you read this, you will definitely go play or watch soccer with your friends!

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